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Your main goal in life has to be to commit suicide and think you're amazing with your crying emoness... well, not really commit suicide, but to give off the impression that you wish to commit suicide. Why the emos would wish to commit suicide it is unsure, as many of them seem to have fairly good upper-middle-class lives. However, that is not to say that the poor parents of these fools do not neglect and abuse them (understand, they, like everyone else, simply cannot help themselves), which almost explains the emos' constant need for attention. However, since a large part of emo is a basic failure to deal with life, you will fail to achieve this goal repeatedly anyways and in a variety of different ways. After that your goal is going to see Simple Plan and listen to them perform "Blarg(!)." Then you should cry; if not, then take note of all the other emo kids crying at the concert and just join in, all you individuals!

You should be single to become an emo, and it helps to be bisexual or have cross-dressing tendencies as well. As you most likely are NOT bisexual or do not have cross-dressing tendencies, it is okay to pretend you are/do (of course, the scientific term being "emosexual" - not to be confused with "emusexual" which means a liking for long thin legs with a bush on top) and shamelessly seek attention accordingly. At the very least, go to parties at least once a month, have two shots and loll around screaming about how wasted you are (even though you clearly are not), make out with someone of the same sex (and procede to vomit after it's been posted on vampirefreaks), and blame it on the alcohol that nearly poisoned you. If necessary, have someone drive you to the hospital while crying hysterically--this is always a good way to make friends.

Anywayz(Note that the emo uses a Z instead of an S whenever possible, it is not known why they do it, but Dr. House has said "The little bastards just don't know when to quit pissing me off". This is a good enough reason for us.) if you do have a partner, you can still become an emo provided that you become ridiculously dependent upon them and repeatedly tell them how depressed you'd be without them, whereas a non-emo might usually claim to love them or ask them to pick up a pint of milk on their way home. This subtle form of emotional blackmail should be the basis of all your significant relationships. The closer a friend is, the more you blackmail them. If there is the slightest hint of a conflict with a perceived friend, or anyone at all, overreact as much as you possibly can. Of course, the emosexual must always have a long-term partner of the opposite sex - the Simple Plan code means whining/crying/"suicide" about your girlfriend/boyfriend/Dead Cat dumping you on MySpace then proceeding to put videos of yourself kissing some random other same-sex emo on YouTube.

It also helps to have utterly ludicrous hair (usually black, almost always has bangs over one eye, sort of spiky, with at least one other horribly bright color, such as neon green, bright orange, ice blue or purple (the color purple is used by goths in mesh, as many emos would faint if they knew that this color has been removed for their own safety), and a favorite band with a name that is depressing, yet ominous (or completely and utterly stupid, that works too). If it is actually nonsense when you think about it for five minutes, this is even better. Good examples of this are His Poisioned Heart, The Super Star Trash, Fire! in the Crematorium, Snakes! on a Plane, Darkness in a New Dress, Weeping Maple Leaves, Maleyu, My Peroxide Dildo, Texas is the Abortion Clinic and Concurring Dissent. If anybody makes fun of these bands, cry.
24.10.06 15:46


verhalten in krisensituationen

A: "mich haut's grad so weg.."
B: "warum?"

hm... man sollte doch in akutsituationen fragen stellen die den nächsten schritt betreffen, nicht gründe aus der vergangenheit.

also lieber "wohin?"
30.10.06 21:24

gut und ungut

du ist gut
tomte ist gut
gustav ist gut
mucc ist gut
jazz ist wahrscheinlich gut
alexander k. ist ein freak, aber irgendwie gut
gut sein ist gut
ich ist wahrscheinlich auch gut
nahrung ist gut
fortschritt in technologie ist gut
das universum ist gut
zufall ist gut
bloggen ist gut
gehirn ist gut
gewalt ist selten gut
die antwort auf die frage "was war vor dem universum ?" ist gut
emotion ist gut
lebenswille ist gut
ruhe ist gut
drogen sind seltenst gut

stumpfsinn ist ungut
schicksal ist ungut
gewalt ist meist ungut
rückschritt ist sehr oft ungut
tokio hotel ist ungut
routine ist meistens ungut
'emo' ist ungut
verwirrung ist ungut
morgenstern ist ungut
unfertige bemühungen sind ungut
durchfall ist ungut
drogen ist meist ungut
gewalt ist meistens ungut
die frage "was war vor dem universum ?" ist ungut
hitler ist ungut
menschen ist meist ungut
"american way of life" und "american dream" ist ungut
krieg ist ungut
notwendigkeit von krieg ist ungut
geld ist ungut
gier ist wahnsinnig ungut
anarchie ist dumm und ungut

antworten finden. verständnis finden für das riesige "warum ffs !?"
kein selbstdezimieren suchen. keinen persönlichen reichtum.
einer alleine ist unfähig und zu klein für leben/universum/wissen/das sein.
alle für alle.

ich bitte euch... alle 6-7 milliarden.
31.10.06 18:39

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